The Blue Arrow Crew

Heavy Handed Politics

All in a days work

+++Sector: The Koronus Expanse
+++Subsector: The Foundling Worlds
+++System: Tasu
+++Shipslog The Blue Arrow, currently orbiting Capitol world of Tasu system, Chivalus
+++Thought for the day: An unprotected soul can no more cross the storms of the warp than a heretic can bear the gaze of the Inquisition

On Footfall we were tasked by Juan Mcgovern to acquire the location of the Tasu system somewhere in the Foundling Worlds, which produces great quantities of food, as well as fine gems which could fetch a fine price at the right places.

The rulers of Tasu, a motley crew led by Governor Rufus Althun, must be persuaded to support certain changes in leadership and system development strategies, which will be presented to them as soon as they are … ready.

We managed to persuade a rations-trader from Tasu to provide us with charts of the Foundling Worlds after making him an offer he could not refuse, involving some of his undeclared cargo of gems. And after an uneventful journey, we arrived with proper decorum in Tasu were we initiated the proper establishment of our overt business operations in the subsector. After a proper celebration of our arrival, of course.

So we’re making friends in all sorts of places, and wouldn’t you know it but some vile Xenos are pulling the strings of the Vi-dol, the entrepreneuring underclass of the system that happens to control all the mining operations (and much of the unofficial trade in gems).

We put an end to that, securing the undying gratitude of some of the systems VIP players, and acquired the systems only transport ship in the process!


Excellent summarized!

Heavy Handed Politics

Juan Mcgovern!

Heavy Handed Politics
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