The Blue Arrow Crew

The Tasu system is now Compliant

What's a little Tyranid invasion between friends?

Having prepared the Tasu system politically for the coming change in leadership, Captain Falmer Kvaas sailed his fleet back to the relative civilization of Footfall to report his progress to Juan Mcgovern.

After receiving necessary information and authorization to proceed (and spending a little time on Port Wander to outfit the fleet for the coming tasks), The Blue Arrow proceeded to The Breaking Yards in Cinerus Maleficum to acquire the necessary tools (Nascent Psykers) to steer a lobotomised Tyranid Hive ship to Tasu.

After a friendly bump-in with Razzer & Rizzo, the fleet moved on to the location of the Hive ship. With proper form and efficiency worthy of the Imperial Navy, Falmers crew dispatched Ork interlopers, cut the Blessed Ignorance free from the Tyranid Hive ship, cleansed the Naval Light Cruised of it’s infested crew and brought it along to Tasu to prepare the ground for the coming Invasion.

This preparation consisted mostly of arranging a fatal accident for Governor Rufus Althun, to produce a proper power-vacuum for exploitation by the liberating hero Jenkins whose timely arrival with a convenient warfleet saw the end of the Tyranid “threat” and guaranteed his “election” as new Governor.

Mission complete, great success!

Reward: 8 PF, 700XP


prkrstnhaugen DarthSmeg

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