Tag: Rogue Trader


  • The Kvaas Dynasty

    h1. The Glorious house of Kvaas The Kvaas Dynasty is expanding in [[The Koronus Expanse | The Koronus Expanse]]. Their endeavours in this region in space is led by Captain [[:falmer-kvaas | Falmer Kvaas]], who commands the Korounus Fleet. h2. The …

  • Krushev

    Adventurous Rogue Trader, and captain of the Light Cruiser "Skull 'n' Bones". Has a hard-on for relics, craves fame more than riches.

  • Aspyce Chorda

    One of the major powers in the Expanse, Ms. Chorda is deeply involved with the Cold Trade and has trade interests in the Drusus Marches in the Calixis Sector. Currently involved in a major conflict with Lord Winterscale

  • Lord Tanis Ortega

    Lord Tanis Ortega puts the "Trader" back in Rogue Trader. Prefers to act via intermediaries, and prefers profit to adventure and action. Quick to anger, and will pursue his "revenge" at great (economic) costs. Has sired a lovely daughter, Clara, who …