+++Sector: The Koronus Expanse
+++Subsector: The Foundling Worlds
+++System: Tasu

Tasu is a backwater system in a relatively unknown area of the Foundling Worlds. Its 5 worlds produce agricultural goods and various mining goods, notably fine gems.

Ruled by Governor Jenkins from the agriworld Chivalus, also the systems Capitol, the system also includes 4 other worlds dedicated to mining.

Of these, the most important is Mand, which houses refineries and is responsible for the main gem production. It is also the headquarters of the Vi-dol, one of the main powergroups of the system.

The other mining worlds are called Tyrn, Cain and Urn.

The main powergroups of the system are the Jo-dol, a decadent collection of Aristocrat houses, and the Vi-dol, the working class rulers and leaders of the criminal underground.


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