The Breaking Yards

“I’ve been from the Maw to the edge of the Rifts of Hecaton and back and seen all the highs and lows of Mankind, but I’ve never seen a place as desperate and squalid and truly Emperor forsaken as the Breaking Yards. May the Holy One have mercy on their pitiful souls.”
–Trade Admiral Jonquin Saul

Located in the Cinerus Maleficum region, near the centre of the Koronus Expanse, SR-651 is a red giant star standing silent watch over an empty system. Whether the system ever had planets remains unclear, but the entirety of it is littered with dense asteroid fi elds, the shattered remains of voidships, and the detritus of millennia of passing fl eets. SR-651 is also occasionally lashed with terrible warp storms and plagued by strange gravitational anomalies that cause the ever-present debris to shift and fl ow like currents and pool here and there in clumps hundreds or thousands of kilometres across. Despite the desolation and navigational hazards, SR-651 has two very important redeeming qualities: it’s located conveniently near the dead centre of the Expanse, and lies directly off one of the larger trade routes that cross from [[Winterscale’s Realm]] to the 8[Heathen Stars]]. These factors, plus the surfeit of cheap labour from the surrounding systems and the constant need for voidship components, gave birth to the Breaking Yards.

Though the business of breaking down ships at this location predates his investment, Rogue Trader Iridas Holden is credited with expanding them into the large operation present today, though the failure of the business bankrupted the Holden dynasty and put the yards in independent hands today. With a spindle-shaped space station and thousands of kilometers of loosely-connected asteroids and derelict hulls, work is difficult, poorly paid, and conditions are that of an Industrial Ghetto for those who live there, and few can afford to leave. Those visiting the Yards can find almost any starship component they care to find, for the right price, though the condition they find them in varies widely.

Though the Yards have a poor reputation, they are something of a rarity in the Expanse – a (mostly) functional shipyard. This makes them invaluable for Rogue Traders who need to refit their vessels, or simply repair damage from a dangerous run.

The Breaking Yards

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