The Foundling Worlds

“It is a place cloaked in storms, where the ghost lights of false stars lure you to a depthless nothing. It is a place that wants us not, and will see us dead for our daring its bounds.”
–Navigator Helias Yeshar speaking of journeying into the Foundling Words

The Foundling Worlds lie beyond the Cauldron, a lesser warp storm whose baleful churning might be seen as a warning against further exploration. By strange accident of fate, the Foundling Worlds cluster, although relatively close to the Koronus Passage, was not visited by Imperial ships until several centuries after the opening of the Koronus Expanse to exploration. Amongst voidfarers the Foundling worlds are described as a cursed place of sudden warp storms, temporal distortions, and strange stellar phenomena, and it is said that nothing will come to any good that is undertaken within its bounds. That is not to say that none have tried to probe the mysteries of the Foundling Worlds or tame it through colonisation and exploitation—but even after a route into this storm-wracked region was established, most of its stars and planets remain unexplored. Those few endeavours that have been made to establish settlements or to harvest the wealth of the Foundling Worlds have met with disaster or misfortune.

Places of Interest to the Kvaas Dynasty in The Foundling Worlds

Tasu – A backwater starsystem recently annexed by the Imperium

The Foundling Worlds

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