The return of the Kvaas Dynasty

The mighty Kvaas dynasty was all but disbanded, fit to drift through the anals of history as another curiosity. At its peak, the dynasty had controlled hundreds of ships, bringing the emperors justice and a lust for coin to the farthest reaches of the empire. Now, only one ship remains, after an ever growing lust for adventure and obscure artifacts. The last chapter of the Kvaas dynastys fall from grace was the rapid decent of Ludius Kvaas. His insatiable lust for glory, and willingness to risk the dynastys assets on hair-brained schemes left the once mighty fleet with only their old flagship The Blue Arow.

His final years where spent hunting The Star of Russ, a relic legend to have belonged to the great Leman Russ, the Wolf King. This also led to his downfall, as he followed the trail into an eldar pleasure planet.

His astranged son Falmer Kvaas returned from obscurity. With his family’s great fortune now reduced to The Blue Arrow, an ancient light cruiser filled to the brim with broken hopes and dreams, Falmer must gather around him a crew and seek out his fortune. Old obligations must be met, new threats assessed and disposed of. Guile, cunning and ruthlessness the true angels on every Rogue Traders shoulder, ever wary of the dangers ahead.

With him on the bridge, he has Colonel Maximus Vindictus, a Void-Master with naval discipline and a honorbound love for the emperor, as well as Solus, navigator of the renegade house of XXXX. In the lower holds, Magus Cogburn leads the ships tech priests in the maintanance of The Blue Arrow, as well as follow his own all-but heretic pursuits of knowledge. At his back, Falmer has his Seneschal Quintus Cassius, always ensuring the integrity of the ships trade, as well as upholding the morale through ruthless uprooting of any dangerous elements.

Now the Koronus expanse lies before them as an oyster with too much time in the sun. There may be pearls, but there may also be food poisoning or WORSE!

The Blue Arrow Crew

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