The Blue Arrow Crew

Mail call

Everyone wants something

When we got back to Footfall after a successful hunt on Weak-ork-planet, where Falmer Kvaas and Colonel Maximus Vindictus were declared OrkSlayers Extraordinaire, there were plenty of people wanting to see us. Regular celebrities, we are.

The The Adeptus Mechanicus wants us to find this Forge World which has the info about making Titans. They had hired Krushev to figure out the anomaly which prevents access to Forge World Tiberius, but apparently he was more interested in some relic sword which rumour has it is supposed to be there, and so he walked out on the deal. No problem, we gave him the Fenris Howl, and he was happy to trade us the information we required.

Which was a lot of sadness really. Some mad Alpha-psyker commited planetary suicide to suck himself into the Warp, and now the whole planet is a no-go zone. Apparently the Stryxis know more.

The Navy wanted a supplies for their convoys, and thought perhaps we could provide. Perhaps we can, once we’ve cleaned out those pesky orks and got a few hundred thousands colonists in place? Oh, they also wanted the Blessed Ignorance. Sold! We didn’t have all the spare parts needed there anyway.

Then there were some who wanted us dead. Turns out Lord Tanis Ortega was involved with the Tau trade we interrupted down at Tasu, and was not so pleased. We met his lovely daughter, Clara (and her brickheaded bodyguard Saulus), who explained things for us, and we promised to square things up right away. She played tough, but I’m sure she warmed up to us considerably during our chat.

So off to Tasu, to learn of the situation. Our friends the Vi-dol tried to kill us, acting on confused orders from their Tau friends. We decided to spare their puny lives (for now) until we had resolved the bigger problem. So off to deal with the Tau. Seemed all they wanted was a little food. No problem, and in return we have assurances of increased shipment of exotic tech toys to trade with.

Rewards: 700XP, a LOT of PF. New total 45 (46 if the OrkSlayers are present)


prkrstnhaugen DarthSmeg

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