The rules for Acquisitions are a little tricky, and here is a short guide to understand them.


1. (Optional) Make an opposed Commerce test vs the group you are acquiring an item from.
For every Degree of Success you score, increase the Profit Factor for this Acquisition by 2. This test can benefit from Assistance and the Captains Exceptional Leader ability.

2. Determine the total Acquisition modifier based on the Items Availability, Scale and Quality
For example, a single (negligible scale) Heavy Bolter (very rare availability) of Best Craftsmanship would be +30 -20 -30 = -20 total modifier.

3. Make the test, rolling vs the groups Profit Facor using modifiers from step 1 and 2.
For example, if the dynasty’s Profit Factor is 40, and the Explorer won the Opposed test by 3 Degrees, his chance of acquiring the Heavy Bolter from the previous example would be 26: PF 40 + 6 from Commerce test and -20 from Acquisition modifiers.

Combined Acquisition modifier table

Quick reference table of Acquisition modifiers. See below for details.

Availability Modifier Scale Craftsmanship Ship Component
Ubiquitous +70
Abundant +50
Plentiful +30 Individual
Common +20 Squad
Average +10 Platoon Poor
Scarce +0 Company Common Essential = 0SP
(200) Supplemental = 1SP
Rare -10 Battalion Good Essential = 1SP
(1,000) Supplemental = 2SP
Very Rare -20 Regiment Best Essential = 2SP
(5,000) Supplemental = 3SP
Extremely Rare -30 Division Essential = 3SP
(15,000) Supplemental = 4SP
Near Unique -50 Corps Essential = 4SP
(50,000) Supplemental = 5SP
Unique -70 Army Essential = 5SP
(100,000) Supplemental = 6SP
“Normal” Acquisitions

For personal weapons, armour and gear, the Acquisition modifiers are as follows. These items Availability can be found in Chapter V, The Armoury.

See further down for Vehicles, Starships and Starship components.

Availability Modifier Example
Ubiquitous +70 Ration Pack
Abundant +50 Knife
Plentiful +30 Void Suit
Common +20 Lasgun
Average +10 Micro-bead
Scarce +0 Demolition Charge
Rare -10 Krak Grenade
Very Rare -20 Heavy Bolter
Extremely Rare -30 Digital Weapon
Near Unique -50 Tempest Bolt Shells
Unique -70 Archeotech Power Armour
Scale Modifier Example
Negligible +30 Single Man
Trivial +20 Squad (3–5)
Minor +10 Platoon (10–30)
Standard +0 Company (50–100)
Major -10 Regiment (500–1,000)
Significant -20 Division (2,000–5,000)
Vast -30 Army (10,000+)
Craftsmanship Modifier Example
Poor +10 Corpse Starch Ration Pack
Common +0 Typical Clothing
Good -10 Finely Crafted, Forge World Bolter
Best -30 Exquisite Power Sword with Noble Family Crest

For Vehicles, add a -10 modifier to Scale. So a single Guncutter would have a Trivial +20 Scale instead of Negligible +30.

Starship hulls

Starship hulls have no Scale or Craftsmanship modifiers, and use the hulls Ship Points rating as the total penalty to the acquisition test.

Starship components

For Starships components, their availability is listed in table 8-8:

Components Availability
Supplemental Components costing 1 SP, Essential Components Scarce
Supplemental Components costing 2 SP, Essential Components costing +1 SP Rare
Supplemental Components costing 3 SP, Essential Components costing +2 SP Very Rare
Archeotech Components Extremely Rare
Xenotech Components Near Unique

Also different Scales apply, as shown below.

Component Modifier
War (macrobatteries, lances, torpedoes) –30
Etheric (auspex, vox-networks, communications) –20
Power (warp drive, generatorium, void-shields) –10
Structure (holds, observatories, armour,special structures)1 +0

1 If a component does not obviously fall into any one category then it
should use the Modifier for Structure.


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